Kippsy was built on the idea that as the priorities, needs, and wants of the modern family evolve so should the ideals of traditional gift giving. For some families priorities have shifted or there simply just isn’t enough room for more “stuff!" Kippsy is a new kind of children’s gift registry that focuses on providing children valuable and lasting experiences. We strive to empower families to prioritize items which they need versus want. And sometimes, when we feel we have more than we need, we encourage sharing with others who might need it more.

Our mission is to streamline the complete gifting experience and make everything simple and special for everyone involved. We believe that gifting doesn’t have to be overwhelming or inconvenient, but rather an effortless, meaningful experience.

In today’s modern times, it still takes a village to raise a child, and we're striving to do our part.


What types of experiences can I add to my registry?

We have provided a list of our favorite experiences for your child to enjoy. However, feel free to add any custom experience of your choice.

Can I add any items to my registry?

Yes! You can add any item from any website you choose to list from. Just make sure to add the correct link of the item with any additional details to make purchasing easier for your guests.

When will I receive the items I have listed on my registry?

For items bought outside of Kippsy, guests are responsible for either sending the gift to you or bringing the gift to the party. For cash gifts towards experiences and charities, Kippsy will automatically add the cash amounts to your PENDING balance in your profile. It generally takes ~2 business days (~7 business days for first time transactions) for PENDING balances to become AVAILABLE balances. Your AVAILABLE fund balance is automatically deposited to the bank account listed in your profile every Thursday.

It's been more than 2 business days and my pending balance has not been added to my available balance. What should I do?

For first time transactions, it may take up to 7 business days for your PENDING balance to be added to your AVAILABLE balance. The delay is to help prevent fraudulent activity. If you are still experiencing delays or have any questions / concerns, please CONTACT US.

How does contributing to charities work?

We have listed our favorite charities that you may choose to add to your registry. However, if you prefer you can specify your own favorite charity. Guest donations for charities will be sent directly to your bank account and you will be responsible for making the donation to the charity directly.

Are there any fees with sending cash gifts?

To help cover the cost of credit card fees, we add a transaction fee of 2.9% + 97¢ to each cash gift (i.e., $1.84 for a $30 contribution brings the total to $31.84) which your guests will be responsible for.

What happens if I cancel an event or need to do a refund or return?

If an event is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the host to inform their guests. Unfortunately, once cash funds are distributed into a host’s bank account, Kippsy cannot issue any returns. All cash gifts are final. It is up to the discretion of the host to decide whether they would like to return gifts to guests. It is the host’s responsibility to make any arrangements necessary to return gifts directly to their guests. All gifts bought outside of Kippsy follow any return and refund policies stated by the website or store. Please refer to each return and refund policy before purchasing. All questions or concerns regarding returns and refunds of these items should be directed to the website or store which the item was purchased from.